Education Training Course

Breakaway Training


Staff who are required to deal with physical assaults and need the skills to be able to disengage from these assaults using minimum force and utilising tried and tested techniques that are instinctive and easy to remember

This course is delivered by a trainer who has had significant experience working as a senior manager in SEN schools with residential provision. The trainer has extensive experience of working with vulnerable children and young adults who sometimes require physical intervention to ensure their safety and the safety of others

Learn how to build on your instinctive reactions to safely break away from a variety of physical assaults using minimum force

How this will benefit you

On completion of this Breakaway Training course you will be able to:

  • Identify how to appropriately plan with colleagues to manage physical assaults
  • Utilise de-escalation strategies to reduce the likelihood of physical assault
  • Maintain physical ‘safe’ distance and demonstrate Positive Defensive Standing (PDS)
  • Interpret body language and be more aware of the signals that you are projecting
  • Use instinctive breakaway techniques to safely disengage that require the minimum amount of force
  • Understand duty of care and the ethical and legal framework surrounding the use of force
  • Complete a post incident debrief and understand the importance of keeping detailed records

If you would like to find out more about our Breakaway Training courses get in touch and we will put together a bespoke training programme for your consideration.

This course is delivered by a trainer who has real experience of managing violence and aggression in a broad range of settings

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