Education Training Course

Autism Awareness Training


Staff who work with autistic young people and would like to increase their understanding of
what autism is

This course is delivered by a trainer who has had significant experience working as a teacher and senior manager in SEN schools with residential provision

Increase your understanding of autism and develop practical ways to work with autistic people

How this will benefit you

On completion of this Autism Awareness Training course you will be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of what autism is
  • Identify some of the main differences you will encounter when working with autistic people
  • Have a better understanding of the sensory issues often associated with autism
  • Understand some of the communication difficulties that autistic people can have
  • Identify special interests and understand the advantages and disadvantages that these interests can have for an autistic person
  • Have a range of strategies for working with autistic people and feel more confident in supporting positive behaviour
  • Feel more confident working with autistic people

If you would like to find out more about our Autism Awareness courses get in touch and we will put together a bespoke training programme for your consideration.

This course is delivered by a trainer who has real experience of teaching in SEN settings

2Resolve deliver training that works effectively in real situations