About us


Welcome to 2Resolve.  We offer bespoke conflict training for staff who are dealing with violence and aggression in the workplace.  We also specialise in ligature training and special educational needs. Our training courses have been designed to meet the needs of all team members who face the threat of verbal and physical aggression through the course of their work.  All of our specialist trainers have extensive experience in managing conflict and this is what makes our training so effective.  We are committed to ensuring that staff have the necessary plan, attitude and skills to deal effectively with violence and aggression.  The result being a more productive, safe and confident workforce.  We are flexible in how we deliver our courses in order to meet the needs of individual clients and travel nationwide to any venue.

Our Clients

Our Director

Jez Brigham, founder of 2Resolve, and the senior trainer is an experienced teacher, senior manager and trainer, who over the course of his career has had a broad range of experience working in mainstream schools and SEN schools with residential provision. Over Jez’s 20 year career he has gained extensive experience working with some of the most challenging children and adults in the country. Alongside this experience he has studied thousands of real life scenarios and this has enabled him to develop the most up-to-date and innovative systems for managing challenging situations.

Jez is currently working with Schools, Colleges, Unions and businesses nationwide.


I strongly believe that all staff should be given high quality training to empower them to work safely and productively in their given roles. So many potentially volatile situations can be avoided when staff have been empowered with the right training, confidence and skills.

Effective training must be relevant and delivered by professionals with real experience. Scenario based training that is interactive, stimulating and thought provoking ensures that all attendees are engaged in the learning process and the skills they learn will not be forgotten.

Jez Brigham
(Director & Senior Trainer)